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The Prosperity Lodge number 2607 on the Register of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) and forming a part of the District Grand Lodge of South Africa, Johannesburg North is one of the oldest Freemason Lodges. It saw the light of day when it was formed in 1896. Its founders came from even older lodges in Johannesburg. The UGLE takes its origin from the formation of a Grand Lodge in 1717 in London though the roots of Freemasonry extend far further back that that.



"What is Freemasonry?" one is often asked and the answer to that question is not a simple one and would take volumes to express and even that would not be complete. Let us simply say from the outset that Freemasonry is not a secret society; it is not a religion (neither is it in any form a substitution for a religion) despite the fact that all members must express a belief in a deity; it strenuously avoids any form of political involvement of any kind; it is not an organisation for personal gain.


Having said what Freemasonry is not, then what is it? Freemasonry is based on the basic principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth and these concepts can equally equate to Faith, Hope and Charity. Freemasonry has for its foundation the great basic principles of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. Freemasonry strives to teach man the duty he owes to God, to his neighbour, and to himself and to stimulate the moral and spiritual improvement of its members.

It inculcates every virtue and makes an extensive use of symbolism in its teachings. The organisation is open to good men and true of all religious persuasions and of any cast or creed. Charity is one of the primary motivating factors and over the years, Freemasons have contributed, frequently quite unheralded and without fanfare or blaze of publicity, very considerable sums indeed to charities and to persons in need or in dire straits. In short there is a substantial philanthropic element to Freemasonry.

Freemasons form a worldwide bond of like meaning people whose primary object is to serve their community, uplift themselves and generally to contribute to and better the society in which we all live. It is fact the largest such fraternity in existence with a global membership running into millions. It is trusted that this at least gives a somewhat brief though factual “thumbnail sketch” of the precepts of the worldwide brotherhood of Masons of to which The Prosperity Lodge belongs and forms part.

What happens at a lodge meeting?
The meeting, which like those of other groups, are open only to members, is normally in two parts. First, there are normal administrative procedures such as:

• Minutes of the previous meeting
• Proposing and balloting for new members
• Discussing and voting on the annual accounts
• Masonic news and correspondence
• News about charitable work

Second, there are the ceremonies for:

• Admitting new members
• the annual installation of the Master of the Lodge and his officers 


Why do Freemasons take oaths?
New members make solemn promises concerning their behaviour both in the Lodge and in society. Members also promise to keep confidential the way they recognise each other when visiting another Lodge. Freemasons also promise to support others in time of need but only so far as it does not conflict with their family and public.

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